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          Texas Transportation Researcher

          General Motors (GM) has awarded a generous grant to the Texas A&M Transportation Institute’s (TTI’s) Teens in the Driver Seat® (TDS) Program. These funds will support ongoing outreach efforts in Texas, where TDS was born, as well as Georgia, reaching some 230 high schools and 200,000 students. TDS will also be able to expand its reach to Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.

          Teen-aged female driver and passenger in a car.

          502 Bad Gateway


          Two-lane rural highway.

          This Issue

          Volunteering for the Future — Celebrating TRB’s Centennial

          Texas Transportation Researcher: Volume 55, Number 4

          Volume 55, Number 4
          December 2019
          Issue Overview

          On this page:

          Infographic highlighting facts about the TDS program and teen driving: TDS midwest expanion into Michigan, Ohio and Indiana in 2019-2020; 50% – teen deaths occuring when another teen is driving; $30 billion – annual U.S. societal costs associated with teen crashes; about 2800 – number of teens per year dying in car crashes since 2012; and 100 – number of teens injured per teen death in car crashes.

          For more information:

          Russell Henk
          (210) 321-1205
          [email protected]

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